Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets is a game that combines cute animals and strategic battles. It is a free-to-play auto battler game developed by Team Wood Games and released in June 2022. In Super Auto Pets, you can build a team of pets with different abilities and fight against other players in two modes: Arena mode and Versus mode. Arena mode is a chill asynchronous multiplayer mode where you can play at your own pace without timers. You have to win 10 battles before losing all your hearts. Versus mode is an intense synchronous multiplayer mode where you compete with 8 players and have to make quick decisions. You have to be the last team standing before another team knocks you out. You can also choose between Standard packs, Custom packs and Weekly packs to create your team of pets. Standard packs contain the pets that are available during gameplay and offer a fair competition. Custom packs allow you to mix and match any pets you want and create satisfying combos. Weekly packs are randomly generated every Monday and offer a variety of pets for everyone to play with. Super Auto Pets is a fun and casual game that you can play on your browser, iOS, Android or Steam. If you like cute animals and strategic battles, you should try Super Auto Pets for yourself. But be warned: it can be addictive!

Super Auto Pets Strategy

Super Auto Pets game strategy is not easy to master, but here are some tips to help you build a fierce team and dominate your opponents:
Choose your pets wisely and look for synergies, combos and counters. Some pets have abilities that work well together, such as Monkey and Giraffe, or Seal and Cat. Some pets can counter other pets, such as Skunk and Hippo, or Scorpion and Whale. Some pets are just strong on their own, such as Dragon and Turkey.
Use your items effectively and give them to the pets that benefit the most from them. Some items are best used early, such as Apple and Cupcake. Some items are best used late, such as Chocolate and Melon Armor. Some items are situational, such as Garlic Armor and Bone Attack.
Adapt to the meta and be flexible with your strategy. The game changes every two turns when the tier goes up, so you have to be ready to upgrade, sell or buy new pets and items. You also have to consider what other players are using and try to counter them or avoid them.
Have fun and experiment with different pets and items. The game is meant to be casual and humorous, so enjoy the experience and try again if you fail. You can also play with different modes and packs to spice things up.

Super Auto Pets Unblocked

If you love cute animals and strategic battles, you might want to check out Super Auto Pets, a free-to-play auto battler game by Team Wood Games. In this game, you can choose from a variety of pets with unique abilities and form a team to fight against other players. You can play at your own pace in the Arena mode or compete with 8 players in the Versus mode. You can also customize your packs and try different combinations of pets. Super Auto Pets is available on browser, iOS, Android, and Steam. Try it today and have fun!